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Responsible Gambling

Poker is a game of skills. The reasons for playing poker are many; some just wants to get better, others want to feel the excitement and for the rest it might be pastime. A few earns money on poker.

Regardless the reasons poker should be fun! For most people it is, but not for those with gambling problem.

We really want poker to be fun and believe it is important to take responsibility. is therefore certified by G4, Global Gambling Guidance Group. G4 aims to minimise the impact of problem gaming by promoting a worldwide accreditation programme. G4 is the brainchild of a group of international experts in the field who come from Australia, the Netherlands, U.K. and Sweden. If you want to know more about G4 visit

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Feel free to contact G4 for further questions; mail to
They have the personal and the skills to deal with probelms of all kind. Contact them right away if you feel it is necessary. Better safe than sorry.