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( * Grab your casino bonus offers using our link) - A Poker site beyond the Normal! has a different approach. We believe poker is a game of skill and we will put focus on that. We will teach our players, regardless of what level they are on, everything that Erik has learned during his years at the tables. We therefore have two different Poker Schools: Basic Poker School - Fundamental poker tips from Erik. The School - Open for all registered players! The School emphasizes on Heads Up and shorthanded play (the art of poker that Erik masters at a world class level) and will be presented in a booklet form, chapters produced by Erik. You will find the Poker School under The School. When you enter the lobby of you will notice that Erik has put great effort in creating an environment that gives the players the opportunity to focus on poker. The colours are soft and the poker room is tasteful furnitured. Minor things you might think, but for a professional poker player small distractions can be very annoying when playing for long hours. And again, we will make everything as smooth as possible so the players can focus on poker and just POKER. Erik123 has one of the best VIP-Clubs currently on the net. Amongst other things we offer our VIP's: A competitive CashBack Bonus that is open for all who rakes at least 100euro/month. Personal support and tips from Poker Manager via MSN & E-mail Special Promotions & Bonuses for just our VIP's Seminars and Offline-events with the chance of meeting and learning from professional players What are you waiting for, contact us today and take your game to the next level! First Deposit Bonus - 100% up to €500 (€5/100FPP/30d) Erik123 will match your first deposit with a 100% first depositbonus up to €500. This bonus accounts for the first deposit on Erik123 of up to €500, and afterwards you have 30 days to clear it. All you need to do is to download the Erik123 Poker software, open a cash account and deposit a minimum of €50. The more you deposit, up to €500, the larger your bonus becomes. Your signup bonus in hereafter placed directely into your pending Bonus Account which you can see under Poker info after logging in. You can easily follow how much has been paid out and how much is owed. The bonus is triggered by Frequent Player Points (FPP) and the release rate is €5 per 100FPP. You earn FPP by playing Cash tables, Sit&Go and Tournaments. The more you play the quicker you can access your bonus. Example: A deposit of 500 EUR gives you €500 in your pending Bonus account. After 1 day of poker play you earned 300 FPP and therefore also €15 extra in your account. Support 24/7 Problems with the client and/or the cashier? On this page you can find all the contact details you need. Do not forget to visit our FAQ section to find the answers to the most common types of questions and problems. English/Spanish 24/7, Swedish daily 16:00 - 21:00 CET. E-Mail Support If you have questions concerning downloading and installing the client, how you play, if you have lost your username or password, or questions about deposits, balance of your account, withdrawals or other questions about payments please contact customer support. What computer do I need? We recommend a Pentium 133 MHz with minimum 25 MB available space on the drive and 64 MB RAM. What kind of Operating System is required? Erik123 runs on Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista. What screen resolution must I have? To make the Erik123 Poker Table justice we suggest a screen resolution of at least 800 × 600 pixels and 256 colours. If you use a lower solution, i.e. 640 × 480 pixels, you have to scroll while playing. Does Erik123 support full screen setting? Yes, you can alter the setting in the lobby of Erik123. It works with all sizes of screens, providing that your graphic card can handle the setting. Does Erik123 have an Web Client? Not at the moment but it is planned in the future. Is it possible to test the Erik123 Poker Client? Absolutely! You can play with “fun money” if you like. All you have to do is to download the client and register an account. You do not have to transfer any money to be able to either watch a game or to play with fun money. You do have to register properly in the client. If you, however, want to play for real, then you will be obliged to transfer money through the cashier. Is it legal to play? You have to be 18 years old to play on Erik123. It might happen that Interner Poker is illegale where you are. We urge you to control that before you start playing. What are VIP Points? VIP Points are the Erik123 Shop Currency. Using your VIP Points you are able to purchase items in the Erik123 Shop, things like LCD-TV's, Computers, IPods and much more. How do I earn VIP Points? We call it VIP Back. Your receive 15%, 20%, 25% or 30% back of your rake (depending on your level, please read below for level points information) in form of VIP points. Every VIP point has a value of 1 EUR in the shop. Example: 10 000 VIP points will give you an item worth 10 000 EUR in the VIP shop. What are are Level Points? Level Points are used in our loyalty program. The more you play the more Level Points you will receive. Using the level points you will are able to climb up in levels. The levels we have are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. For each level you climb more features are unlocked on the site and you earn your VIP points faster (VIP Back grows from 15% -> 20% -> 25% -> 30%). We take extra special care of our High Level Players, special invites to VIP events with Erik and much more! How do I earn Level Points? The more you login and play the more level points you will get. Its a indicator of your loyalty to What are Bonus Points? Bonus Points are Points you were giving as a Bonus when you made your deposits. These are unlocked and transfered over to your VIP points continously when you play. You must earn 5 VIP points to transfer 1 Bonus Point over to your VIP Points. At tjat point you are able to use it just as regular VIP points in our VIP Shop. How do I earn Bonus Points? You dont earn Bonus Points but you are given Bonus points by making your first deposit and/or monthly deposits. Where can I find how much VIP-, Bonus- and Level Points I have? Go to My Pages and login. Once logged in you are able to view your Account- and Level Information. When is the 'My Pages' information updated? The My Pages information is updated every 24 hours at 06:00 AM CET. It does not show Real Time information. You will see today's earned VIP-, Bonus- and Level Points tomorrow, after 06:00 AM CET, when you login to your My Pages account. BONUSCASINO

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